The Gift of Books

Our social mission is to make sure all children across the county and beyond have access to books and early literacy support. We specifically target vulnerable and at risk children, or children/families on the poverty line.

Books for all!

Our belief is that ALL children should have the right to read, share stories and own their own books. Books are a fundamental part of early development, enhancing skills such as speech, language, communication, language, literacy, early numeracy, knowledge of the world, feelings, problem solving, bonding with parents/carers and SO much more!

By providing children in difficult situations with books, we hope they will be able to escape whatever they are going through, even for a minute.

How we help

Our latest volunteer book packing day. Making 400 bags in total.
Donated books from members of the public
Fundraising on our 1st Birthday

So how do we do this?

In Leicestershire our Story Imagin-ory runs term time multi dimensional storytelling classes in the community. Members of the public book onto these classes and pay in block of 5-8 weeks. The profits from running these classes are used to provide and make book bags which are then gifted to local organisations who work with children and families.

The families who attend the classes not only get a top quality, educational and fun learning journey to share with their child, but they come in the knowledge that by booking a class with us they get to give back to their community also.

Story Imagin-ory has secured a place of the school for social entrepreneurs, been awarded funding from the National Lottery, and been mentored by Lloyds TSB. We are supported by Leicestershire County Council and have several big partnerships in the pipeline.