Safeguarding & Hygiene

At Story Imagin-ory we take our responsibilities seriously. This means keeping you and your children safe in all areas. 

You can view our Current Hygiene and Sickness Policy HERE

You can view our COVID-19 FAQ's section HERE


All Equipment is cleaned prior to use, using a child safe, hospital grade disinfectant

Between classes, all hard surface equipment is wiped over using hospital grade and child safe disinfectant.

 After classes finish – all equipment is cleaned using a child safe, hospital grade disinfectant. It is then stored in sealed boxes, in indoor store rooms.

 When materials are used for sensory play, they are changed between sessions. This includes all food materials, water play, and dried items such as rice or shredded paper.

 Soft toys are put through a 60 Degree wash or higher using a hospital grade disinfectant wash after every session. In between sessions, we will spray our soft toys with hospital grade and baby safe disinfectant.

 All mats and core equipment is cleaned using hospital grade disinfectant prior to classes starting.

Safeguarding and Safety

At Story Imagin-ory we use all of our expertise to ensure that we keep you and your children safe. 

The details you provide us are digitally stored in locked and password protected files. Printed class lists do NOT contain personal information, in the case of the document being lost in transit (which we take every precaution not to do) only your name will appear on the class list. 

We only take photographs upon written consent of you the parent or carer. Any photographs used must have written permission for ALL children featured in the picture. We ask parents at the session to not use any photos on social media that contain pictures of other children. 

You are required to sign a Legal Disclaimer at the start of all courses to state you are responsible for your children at all times during the class. At no point are we (the class leaders) allowed to be left in charge of your children. 

During the class we are not permitted to put our hands on your children. We ask that you also follow this in regards to others children unless you see that a child is in imminent danger. 

All of our staff are DBS checked and are safeguarding trained. Your designated Safeguarding officer is Mrs Freya Snow. 

You can read our full policy the bottom of our website. 

Health and Safety

All of our classes are risk assessed at the time of planning.

This covers materials used, set up and allergies. 

At Story Imagin-ory we ask you at the time of booking to disclose any allergies that affect you or your child. We again ask you to sign a legal disclaimer to state you have informed us of allergies prior to the sessions. 

We strive to not use dairy and raw/animal produce as a general rule. We check all ingredients and cross reference them with the information we have been given prior to a new term. 

At Story Imagin-ory we will - your needs and adjust our sessions accordingly so that you can join us. We take allergies very seriously and have procedures in all of our teaching to minimise any risk and make the session accessible for all.