About Us

Story Imagin-ory has been running for ten years in Leicestershire. An innovative and lovingly nurtured small business, who's heart is in encouraging children to be excited about books from birth onwards. 

Freya Snow is the Founding Director of Story Imagin-ory. 

"For 8 years I worked as a Speech,Language, Communication and Literacy worker for under 5's. My role was to support vulnerable families and encourage them to share books with their children from birth in order to increase future educational achievement"

During this 8 years Story Imagin-ory was designed and implemented as a way of engaging all children in the magic of stories, and providing different ways of exploring books in non conventional ways. 

"Extending stories past the reading element allows children to think about what they have just seen and listened too, and then bring it to life through a multitude of activities. Our sessions allow all children, whatever age or ability, to access books and stories in their own special way'

Story Imagin-ory was taken into the private sector in 2016. Running the business single handed for the best part of a year (with a baby in tow!) Freya brought Story Imagin-ory to the masses. 

Freya leads the classes in Wigston and Kibwoth, as well as all the admin and management of the company. Mum to Alby, and a true children's books fanatical. 

Mel joined the team in September 2017. An enthusiastic, charismatic, crazy whirlwind of a lady, who leaves smiles everywhere she goes. 

'As soon as I met Mel I knew she was the right person for my company. I waitied so long to find the right staff, someone who would become the heart of our storytelling community that was growing rapidly. I feel so very lucky to have her' - Freya Snow 

 Mel leads our classes in Glenfield and Cosby, and brings a different, unique way of working. She is a firm advocate of playing to learn, uses fantastic methods to engage the children, and is very talented at 'doing the voices'. 

Mel has the most wonderful imagination, and is a valuable asset in the creative process of the company.  A Mum to three boys, with a passion for community causes. 

Together we make up Story Imagin-ory, a business with a conscience. Using at LEAST 50% of our profits to provide vulnerable children across Leicestershire with access to books and early literacy support. Read our Giving Back to the Community to find out more.

Coming Soon... Stand by to meet the newest member of the team!!