Hello from our Founder

Hello and welcome to Story Imagin-ory! My name is Freya and I am the founder and CEO of Story Imagin-ory.

I come from a 20 year career history of working with pre school children, with a specialism in speech, language, communication, and literacy.

Story Imagin-ory was founded over 14 years ago, with an aim to immerse children in stories and allow them to access them in different ways - no matter what their ability or interests.

I'm beyond excited to be bring Story Imagin-ory across the UK with our new franchise oppertunities. So let me share a little more about our company with you.

Keep reading! Freya x

What do we do?

Story Imagin-ory is the provision of Immersive storytelling classes in the local community. Our sessions are open to all children aged 0-5. We also provide sessions for Schools, nurseries and wider organisations.

What happens in a class?

Each week we discover a new theme and story. Children get the chance to explore the story through a variety of ways throughout the structured class.

With opportunities for joining in with performance storytelling, listening, singing, phonics and sounds and extensive learning through play - there is always something for everyone as we take you on a story adventure.

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Who else do we work with?

We've been fortunate to partner with several organisations over the last 8 years. Most recently we have worked with The National Trust, Leicestershire Museums and lots of Schools.

Book sharing is our heart

Quite simply, we aim to create a life long love of books from birth. We want to show children that books are fun and inspiring, in the hope they will carry that love of reading throughout their life. We want to create lasting memories of stories and the wonder they bring.

Would you like to be part of our team?

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