Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions of booking Story Imagin-ory

 In this document, you will find all the information you need in relation to attending face to face Story Imagin-ory Sessions.

  1. This policy is available on our website and available at time of booking. If you have any queries about the policy, please contact us.

  2. This policy may be updated and/or amended at any time by Story Imagin-ory. The most recent edition will be on display on our website.


     Masks are to be worn by all adults attending the sessions at ALL TIMES. Children are exempt. If you cannot wear a mask for health or extenuating circumstances, please email freya@storyimaginory.co.uk in good time before your first session.

    We will have a stock of disposable masks at entry, which you can use should you forget yours.  

    Social Distancing

     Personal responsibility for Social Distancing Policy of activity leaders, carers and children (if age appropriate)

     All attendees will be personally responsible for the following when attending face to face indoor Story Imagin-ory Sessions


    1. To maintain a safe distance of 2m from other households
    2. If 2m distance cannot be maintained a distance of 1m should be adhered to at ALL times during sessions by adults.
    3. Young children attending sessions, 4 and under, are not expected to comply with strict social distancing rules. However, we encourage this where possible. We do not however, expect children to sit still. They are free to move around and play but strict cleaning using your sanitation boxes must be adhered to (see hygiene section).
    4. When entering and exiting the building please be patient and do not push past others waiting.
    5. If you are uncomfortable with others adherence to social distancing, please speak up and politely ask them to move back.
    6. Your leader will remind everyone of social distancing measures at the start of the session.
    7. If you have a concern regarding social distancing you would like to address with your leader, please email them after the session at freya@storyimaginory.co.uk so they can deal with it properly.
    8. Activities and sitting spots will be spaced in accordance with social distancing guidelines. We understand your children may crawl and move around. This is ok. Children must be constantly monitored when moving around, and parents/carers to use sanitation boxes on everything they touch.
    9. We will socially distance all activities, and activities will have a guideline as to how many households can use it at one time. Please adhere to this. 
    10. Please do NOT bring additional adults to the sessions unless they have been booked on and paid for. They will be refused entry under strict room capacity and social distancing measures. 

     Notification of illness

     Personal responsibility of activity leaders, carers and children (if age appropriate) in relation to notification of risks of illness.

     All attendees are personally responsible for the following in relation to notifying risk of illness when attending face to face indoor classes at Story Imagin-ory


    1. If you have COVID-19 symptoms  and have attended a class recently it is your duty to notify your class leader immediately;
      1. Mrs Freya Snow
      2. Mobile Number 07765191615
      3. Email freya@storyimagin-ory.co.uk
      4. You may contact her at any time, day or night in relation to this.


    1. If you, your child or your household are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please book and take a test. Please do not attend group during this time.


    1. Notify your leader of the results. If all clear you can return back to class.


    1. If positive you will need to let us know immediately, to allow us to efficiently notify all other attendees.


    1. If you or your child is unwell or presents with a high temperature or cough, and you do not wish to undergo a test, you must isolate from group for a period of 14 days. During this time, you will be sent all sessions in an online format.


    1. Should your leader become unwell or present symptoms, the above will be mandatory to them also. If sessions have to close, because your leader is experiencing symptoms, your classes will move online, in relation to your refund policy.

          7: If you have other children, who are off school due to an infection in their                  'bubble" then you become a contact of a contact, and are not required to               isolate. You can still attend a session. However, if your child develops                     symptoms during their isolation time, you must NOT attend. 


    Personal Hygiene Policy of activity leaders, carers and children (if age appropriate)

    1.  All persons are responsible for the following when attending a Story Imagin-ory face to face indoor session;
    2.  Adults to wear a face mask at all times during the session. Medical exemptions apply, please notify your class leader BEFORE attending the session via email at freya@storyimaginory.co.uk
    3. Sanitise hands upon entry to the class/building
    4. Toilets will be open during class, you may use the hand washing facilities before entering class. Wigston Magna toilets can only accommodate one household at a time.
    5. Your leader will be wearing a face shield when delivering a session and will be wearing a face mask during free play time.
    6. Cover coughs and sneezes. Always cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze or use the inside of your elbow and do not spit.
    7. Throw used tissues immediately into the bin
    8. Immediately wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water is no readily available, clean your hands with hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. You can find this in your personal sanitation box provided to you upon entry at the session.
    9. Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces. This includes tables, door knobs, light switched, handles and equipment (leaders’ responsibility)
    10. Use an effective, child and baby safe, disinfectant 
    Infection control Policy - Condensed
    If you wish to see our full policy, it will be available in class. It is a very lengthy document, over 40 pages. We have condensed it into key points;
    1. Insurance is valid for reopening. We have the highest level of protection available.
    2. All sessions have been reviewed and adapted in relation to equipment, materials used, infection control and ease of cleaning.
    3. We have removed all shared and malleable resources for your children’s safety, under government and sector guidelines.
    4. We will be providing each family with their own personal sanitation kit, complete with disinfectant, personal cleaning cloth and personal hand sanitiser. This is yours to use for the duration on the session
    5. Venues has been fully risk assessed and all necessary measures put in place.
    6. Masks must be worn at all times by adults
    7. Please wash hands or use hand sanitiser before entry and upon leaving
    8. Use one-way system to arrive and leave
    9. Before session all items and room will be ‘fogged’ using a child safe disinfectant
    10. Rooms will be well ventilated through open windows. Windows are high and pose no safety risk
    11. Strict 30 adult’s policy. We cannot accommodate extra family members in the room. They will be turned away under strict room capacity limits.
    12. Full risk assessment in place

    Health declaration
    If you have knowingly come into close contact with someone with Covid then you must not attend.
    If you or your child are displaying any symptoms of Covid you must not attend.
    You are responsible for your actions, in accordance with attending. For the safety of all others. Breech of this put’s others in danger, as well as having legal implications for the company. We will seek legal action against any party who knowingly attends the session with symptoms or having contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid, whose attendance causes unnecessary harm to others and financial fines for the company.

    Track and Trace

    We will store your details, under GDPR regulations, for a period of 21 days for the purposes of Track and Trace. In the event of a case/outbreak, we will use these details to inform Track and Trace


    Communications in the event of an outbreak – Story Imagin-ory Face to face sessions

     If you, your child test positive for Covid-19 you must;


    1. Alert CEO Freya Snow Immediately.

             Contact details;

             Email – freya@storyimaginory.co.uk

             Phone/Text – 07765191615

     Please do NOT contact me via social media, as there is a strong chance I won’t see your message.


    1. CEO will them contact ALL families on ALL sessions that have been in contact with the parent, child, or class leader. Emails, texts and calls will be made until we have confirmed that everyone has received the message. 
    1. Track and trace details will be submitted.
    1. Face to face sessions will return on the third week as normal

     Story Imagin-ory Refund Policy

    Your purchase is for a course of Story Imagin-ory sessions. Your purchase has been made during the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

    Changes to the course may be made at short notice, such as closure of venue or closure of sessions, in line with government guidelines and public safety. 

    If there is a closure of sessions or venue before or during your course due to COVID, then you will be given a voucher for any cancelled sessions. This includes if your class leader needs to isolate. 

    All attendees must wear a mask whilst inside the sessions (excluding children). There will be masks available upon the door for a small donation towards the equipment upkeep, if you should forget yours. We reserve to refuse entry to you should you not comply. You will not be issued a refund. (Mask are not compulsory to those who can’t wear them for medical and extenuating circumstances)

    We reserve the right to refuse entry to those who are deemed unwell or present COVID-19 symptoms. You will not be issued a refund.

    By making any booking you agree to the terms and conditions laid out above and accept at checkout. All terms and agreement are for the safety of you, other attendees and us the staff. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Should you wish to cancel your session, you must do so within 5 working days, to allow us to re advertise your space.  If cancelled within the 5 working days you will be given a full refund. 

    If you cancel outside of the 5 working days we will try to re sell your space. If we do manage to re sell your space, we will refund you. Or you can offer your space to a friend. However, we must be notified of the changes.  

    Terms and Conditions of attending the group

     By proceeding forward, you are accepting all the Terms and Conditions laid out in this document.